IDEABOND Titanium-zinc composite panel is a new type of high end building decoration material made with titanium-zinc alloy as the surface and aluminum as the back, which are compounded by high-pressure low-density polyethylene under high temperature. It combines the advantages of high strength, good flatness and light weight from traditional ti-zinc panels and low price from composite panel. And also with the strong metal texture, self-healing function of surface layer, long service life and good composability, it can be used in curtain wall, roofing, interior and exterior decoration of high-end buildings. In the compounding process of different materials, no glue or adhesive is used, and the core layer in the middle can choose mineral fireproof core layer with better burning performance, such as B1 and A2 grade fireproof core material.

IDEABOND Titanium-zinc composite panel combines the quality, elegance and durability of titanium-zinc with the stiffness and lightness of composite panels, offering more possibilities for the design of building facades.

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