IDEABONG Bimetallic composite panel is a composite panel made of a layer of metal covered with another metal through a polymer film in order to achieve the effect of saving resources and reducing costs without changing the appearance. Bimetallic composite panel has high flatness, good anti-resonance performance, and good sound and heat insulation effect. IDEABONG Bimetallic composite panel is similar to the traditional metal composite panel, but the difference is that it is made of 100% metal and can reach class A fireproof.

Common bimetallic composite panels are: copper-aluminum bimetallic composite panel, stainless steel-aluminum bimetallic composite panel, titanium-zinc-aluminum bimetallic composite panel, and aluminum-aluminum bimetallic composite panel, etc.

IDEABONG Bimetallic composite panels are available in thicknesses from 0.7 to 3mm and can be supplied in rolls or sheets.

IDEABONG Bimetallic composite panel has high impact resistance and is the ideal solution for public projects such as schools and hospitals.

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